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    H5P full integration

    In the Open LMS 3.9 release, there is a new H5P plugin (H5P – mod_h5pactivity) , which will be active by default for all our clients. 

    This new integration allows content creators to add H5P activities directly to a course, and includes a new content bank repository, where users will be able to create, store and edit H5P content within the platform. Also, teachers and administrators are now able to enable grading and attempt tracking for H5P.

    GIF showing where to find the H5P content bank in the course administration menu

    File Storage reports available

    Open LMS has created a set of reports for the site administrator to help find those files. The File storage usage report and the Manual backups report are in the Open LMS heading in the admin settings menu. The File storage usage report shows where the site storage is being used; what kinds of files (course files vs backup files and logs) are making up the total consumed storage for the site. 

    Screeshot of the Files storage usage report. It shows the site's file storage consumption and breaks it down by which kinds of files are consuming how much storage.
    The manual backups report shows where all the manually created backups are located on the site. Which courses and which users have backups stored in them and how much space that takes up.

    Screeshot of the Manual backup files storage usage report. It shows the users and courses that have manual backups that are taking up storage.

    The courses are linked so that you can head from the report to the specific course backup file management and take care of any unneeded files.